As a former designer and art director, I've embarked on a journey of self-expression and creative autonomy.

I’m a German-American with Polish heritage who is splitting his time between the East Village and Silverlake.

I grew up in Hamburg and faced adversity in my youth, growing up in poverty and subsidized housing in what we called “Sozialwohnungen”. It was equally challenging to break into the design industry, especially after having just moved to England, but I’ve learned that perseverance and hard work can help.

In 2022, I attended the full-time program at the Art Student League in New York for several months, focusing on learning figure drawing, painting, and sculpting. Now, I am thrilled to be able to paint with complete freedom and to live and die by my own merits, both the good and bad. This journey is about more than just making a living as an artist; it is about fulfilling a lifelong dream and creating something meaningful that connects with people.

My art is deeply personal and emotive, using figurative work to tell stories that are important to me. I'm not afraid to comment on everything from societal and social issues to my own political beliefs. My goal is to create an open space for interpretation by the viewer while still conveying a clear narrative.

Although I'm currently focusing on oil paintings, my artistic interests span a wide range of disciplines, including sculpting, film, architecture, animation, coding, writing, typography, and tattooing. I'm eager to explore new ways to express myself and make connections across those fields.

As Klaus Kinski once said, "Dann mach doch deinen Scheiß" so I plan to very much do so.

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